We were recently invited for the Disco Yoga launch event in Shoreditch.

Since the majority of our team are yogis, we decided to check it out! You would think ‘Disco’ & ‘Yoga’ could never be paired together but hey, fitness can never have enough innovations, right? As fitness enthusiasts look for another new and exciting workout, Sarah Hunt and DJ Darlo give them just that with Disco Yoga. Yes, there’s a DJ in a yoga class.

There were girls from ‘Glitter Lips’ to help us get our face painted with glitter before we started the workout. The room was decorated with disco lights and the instructor and DJ were dressed in disco outfits. The workout is done on loud disco music and asanas done very fast with little attention on holding an asana. Sometimes in the middle of a vinyasa flow, the instructor asked us to break into a dance party. Imagine that – you are in your Warrior II position and suddenly everyone starts dancing! The class is followed by cocktails and mocktails.

“Personally being a yoga purist, I thought this concept was quite contrary to everything yoga stands for – peace, calmness and mindfulness. How can one relax in Shavasana with loud disco music? In my humble opinion, disco and yoga have their own individual places and are best kept separate. Having said this, the concept is a fun idea, and I got a great workout. If you’re new to Yoga and unsure which direction to take this could be for you! The atmosphere was eccentric and cool, but I much prefer doing Yoga at a slower pace and in an environment that’s more tranquil” – Vandana from the RGHB team.

Sarah Hunt and DJ Darlo wanted to combine dance and yoga to give a fun twist to the exercise – Disco Yoga was born! It has originated in Canada and has just recently launched in the UK. If you like glitter, loud disco music, and a yoga-inspired workout, head on over to discoyoga.uk for more details! They have classes regularly at Trapeze Bar in Shoreditch. Is this something you’d try? Let us know in the comments below x