Eye creams are part of many women’s (and men’s) daily skincare regimen. However, what most people don’t suspect: eye creams may be doing more harm to this area of sensitive skin than good.

A great variety of eye creams contains fragrance, which is neither a blessing for the skin, nor good to the eyes. As alluring and luxurious as applying a nicely scented eye cream may be, bringing the eyes in contact with a fragrance-containing cream may cause watery and stinging eyes, a sign of irritation and allergy in some people. Besides being a known irritant found in many cosmetic products, fragrances further are a common respiratory toxicant, which may especially pose a problem for asthmatics and people suffering from other respiratory ailments.

As a safe and natural alternative to mainstream eye creams, we recommend trying SPA FABULOUS’ A Little Pot of Heaven®  eye cream. Combining nourishing, brightening, decongesting, repairing, and anti-ageing properties, this eye cream is indeed heavenly.

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