As well as using high-quality facial oils, an equally high-quality facial serum can enrich your daily skincare routine, helping reduce wrinkles and providing a more radiant complexion. And yet, a closer look at the ingredients of most serums on the market reveals that they are laden with unfavourable substances, amongst which are Parabens, synthetic preservatives used in cosmetics, stand out rather negatively.

Being able to mimic oestrogen, experts established the theory that parabens might play a decisive role in triggering an increasing prevalence of early puberty in girls and may cause different kinds of cancer, such as breast and testicular cancer [1]. Therefore, when checking your beauty products for parabens, watch out for-

  • Methylparaben
  • Ethylparaben
  • Propylparaben
  • Butylparaben and
  • Heptylparaben.

A great natural serum, which persuades without containing any of these harmful parabens, is FOM LONDON’s His and Her’s Serums, serums for the ladies and the gentlemen. We gave them a try and are in love! Read our review here.

Other natural facial serums we put to the test include

Oils and Serums for Summer Skincare

KIMBERLY SAYER – Whitening and Brightening Serum

ANTIPODES – Apostle Skin Brightening Tone Correcting Serum

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