Tuesday 13th January 8pm

Core Class with Razia Sultana Yoga Challenge Day 5

My first core class during this yoga challenge, although I was hoping to fit one in on the weekend but sometimes things don’t work out the way you want to. I’m feeling much more accepting of this as time goes by, just let it go! Core class is actually a really great option for those who work long hours and might not feel up to a full on Classic or Fierce Grace class in the evening but still want to work on their bodies. Anyways, it’s good to get a good balance during the yoga challenge!It’s a deep stretch series with a lot of floor work which may not seem as intense¬†when practising, but it really does help open out hips and work on the core. Particularly core stability. Whilst my heart rate doesn’t get as high for as long in this class, I still find myself sweating a lot!

I love the beginning of the class with the superman/superwomans and then a kind of variation of straight leg fire hydrants. It’s tough on tight hips and glutes, but I felt the benefits afterwards! My challenges for this class are the good old Floor Bow and One Legged King Pigeon. A pose I find really effective is Rocking the Baby, where you cradle your leg and gently move your leg from side to side. It is a fabulous stretch for the hips whilst also improves manoeuvrability and helps to redistribute synovial fluid around the joints. I also like at the end of this class that we get to give ourselves a good old massage and we do a little guided relaxation/meditation at the end. Could we put in a request to do this at the end of every class, please?!


No aches or pains to complain of today, not even a little niggle here or there or anywhere! What I can feel though is that my posture is dramatically improved, and my hips are slowly but surely opening. There is a long way to go though!

Stay tuned for yoga challenge day 5!