Wednesday 14th January 1pm Class

The Fix with Gwen Guillamet Yoga Challenge Day 6

Now originally I was going to pay a visit to the morning Classic class on this day, however, we had a new member of the team joining at the office and because I had plans for the evening The Fix was the only class that I could fit in for the day. At just under an hour long, I almost felt as though I was cheating! But The Fix promised to de-stress, energise and still work your heart rate up (and down again) in a mere 50 minutes.

Another day of the yoga challenge, another lovely teacher; Gwen was brimming full of positive energy and had the most amazing red hair! Having only practised this class once, I can’t much remember the series of postures, but there was nothing unexpected in the class. Just a condensed version of Fierce Grace if I remember correctly! Gwen helped me with my King Pigeon Posture alignment which was fab, as I know my hips aren’t always aligned but sometimes it’s difficult to straighten yourself up, even with the aid of the mirror.


Something I will say about this class is I that whilst I felt fabulous immediately afterwards, once I’d gone home, showered and eaten my lunch, then got back to the office, by around 4:30 my energy levels and focus were flagging. This is not something I’ve experienced from the morning classes, but thinking back I had a late night on the Tuesday and woke up early Wednesday morning, I think I had started work by 6:30am! So probably quite rightly my body and brain were saying that’s enough for today!

That evening I had a marketing webinar and then my friend Philippa came round for dinner. I made a Spelt Spaghetti Arrabbiatta (for we had no Penne) and a big fresh Rocket Salad. Quick, simple, easy food but oh so tasty. I almost bought a bottle of fizz to accompany but then I remembered that Philippa was on Dry January so instead it was a carton of coconut water we washed our grub down with. Something I remembered from practising Bikram previously is that when you’re doing a lot of hot yoga you really don’t feel like drinking alcohol very much, if at all. Gone are the “I could do with a drink” feelings at the end of the day and they have been replaced with “my body is a temple, don’t pollute it” vibes! I’m not saying that throughout my yoga challenge I didn’t drink, because I did, but I think all that sweating and bending and pulling and inverting makes you think twice about what you consume.

Day 7 of the Yoga Challenge is tomorrow- looking forward to it.