Thursday 15th January 8pm Class

Classic with Alberto Lancerin: Yoga Challenge Day 7

Another day, another yoga day of the yoga challenge. This time with the fabulous Alberto. Like Lily, Alberto is incredibly focused on the breath – or is it that I pick up on him saying inhale more because of his French accent? Who knows! I was once again pleased with my performance for this class, and I can really feel myself coming on leaps and bounds, or should that be stretches and pullings!

There are still areas that require more concentration, be it to focus on correct posture alignment or remaining balanced, but there are other movements that I feel I am really starting to progress with just during this yoga challenge. These include –
Pranayama – Standing Deep Breathing – I can see my arms are more supple and frame my face more so than previously. In just a week, I have started to undo years of neglect from sitting at a computer for hours on end day in day out.

Ardha Chandrasana – Half Moon Pose – whilst my elbows are still not quite locking out in this pose, I am finding it easier to keep my arms straighter, and my form is better. I can also see in the mirror that my arms are pulling up and over to the side of the room. Some people think getting as far over into the side bend is the most important part of this posture, but actually, it’s the elongating of the side of the body – lengthening as much as possible out of the side you are bending and stretching up and over.

Paschimottana – Seated Forward Bend – I seem to be good at folding over without rounding my spine, keeping my belly locked to my thighs and with my legs straight. This is also apparent on the separate straight leg stretching.

Asanas I am still finding more challenging include –

Dandayamana Dhanurasana Standing Bow Pose and Dhanurasana Floor Bow – my nemesis postures, although improving, I still find these the most challenging of the series. Much of this is in my head I realise now, especially as I write up these posts I realise how much time I spent thinking about these postures and how I always think I will struggle. This lead me to go into class with a different attitude into the next class, but more on that later! I also think I remember how far I used to be able to go in this posture and I yearn to be able to do so again. Little by little, I know I can regain this flexibility, balance and strength!

Utthita Hasta Padangustasana – Big Toe Stretch and Dandayamana Janushirasana Standing Head to Knee – these follow each other and working on leg strength is key here. The aim is to lock out the standing leg and then the posture can begin. In the former, I have a long way to go to bring my shoulders back into alignment, in the latter I am unable to interlock my fingers underneath my foot so I do so below the knee. Darn my tight shoulders, and glutes, as these are the culprits holding me back.

Looking forward to Day 8 of the Yoga Challenge tomorrow!