Keep Immaculate was one of the first brands I wrote about on my blog – I reviewed their Avocado & Carrot Seed Oil here some four years ago! When Suzannah from the PR team for Keep Immaculate got in touch to invite me to experience their recently-launched treatments at Fenwick of Brent Cross, how could I resist when the location is a mere 15 minute drive from my office?! We booked in the appointment some two months in advance, and when the time came around I was much in need of a little TLC! Stress levels were high and “me time” with a little TLC was the order of the day!

It was an absolute pleasure to meet Lydia Montoute, the third generation of her family in the business.  This is not Lydia’s first successful business, she invented the Kim Mask™; utilised in changing rooms to prevent makeup from spoiling when trying on garments and thus preventing makeup from transferring onto the clothes.


In creating Keep Immaculate, Lydia took inspiration from her Caribbean roots, which I’m guessing from the photo of the pitons on the Keep Immaculate website, and the tea set in the treatment room, are St Lucian. Her father made soothing balms and oils from locally sourced, seasonal ingredients to treat body aches, pains and skin ailments.


And so it is that the Keep Immaculate range is formed of four cleansers and four oils, one for each of the seasons. This doesn’t mean that the other products have to be used exclusively in for this season, for you can decide and self-prescribe depending on how you, both mentally and physically, are feeling on the day. To help choose your products for the professional treatment, Keep Immaculate have created a Sentiment Check card. I went through this with Azra my therapist, as I sipped the fresh mint tea she had made for me. See my answers in the below photo – I can’t help but feel that my answers reflect the yin – yang balance that is within me!


Upon reading the menu, I had already decided the Energising Massage, with Keep Immaculate’s Refreshing Apricot & Peppermint Oil, was the order of the day, but based on the answers I provided on the sentiment check card, Azra advised that a little bit of Evening Primrose & Clary Sage Oil would also be of benefit. I was game.


Azra left me to undress, and I positioned myself on the bed face down, where I would stay for the entire treatment. When Azra asked me if I wanted to turn over I was almost asleep, so I plumped to stay on my front and enjoy my blissed-out-ness. The treatment started with a full cleanse utilising the apricot and peppermint cleanser, then the same oil is used. The massage was incredible, in fact turn over time wasn’t the only time I was almost asleep; there were three or four times throughout the treatment!

Next came the thermal therapy! Lydia has created the Glamhot Hand Exfoliator™. This is a heated hand tool, activated like those hand and food warmers one uses when hiking or camping. Using this not only buffs, polishes and exfoliates the skin but also encourages blood flow to the skin and uptake of the essential oils.

Also included, although not strictly on the menu, was an Indian head massage. I personally am a huge fan, and quite often give myself these at home (but it’s always nicer when someone does it for you!)

After the treatment, both Lydia and Azra commented on how glowing I looked, and when I went to the bathroom I concurred! More than this however, I felt lighter; relaxed but energised all rolled into one (there’s that yin and yang again!) I felt like “me” again, something I hadn’t done for several weeks. I pootled off back to my office for the remainder of the afternoon, and felt more focused, recharged and ready to take on almost anything.

A hugh thanks to Lydia, Azra and Suzannah for giving me this opportunity – and I look forward to seeing you again soon!

Keep Immaculate Energising Massage is available at Fenwick of Brent Cross and costs £66 for 45 minutes. This price includes a  full size product of the oil to take away (RRP £15.95). Call 08450 568 482 or email info-team@keepimmaculate.com for more info or to make an appointment.