I used to be a sucker for those vitamin drinks, the ones with tonnes of sugar inside to make them taste good. No wonder I felt so amazing after drinking them, until the crash came a couple of hours later! After realising they weren’t all that, I took to making my own infusions, mostly fruit and herbs served over ice – delicious!

So when Nexus PR asked if I would like to give InFusion Feel-Good Olive Leaf drinks a whirl, I thought yes, why not? These drinks are 100% organic with no added sugar and no preservatives – yay!

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There a three flavours to choose from-

– Scrumptious strawberry & elderberry

– Cool cucumber & juniper

– Luscious lemon & mint

I can’t *quite* decide my favourite between them all, especially as I added more cucumber to the cucumber and juniper flavour, and fresh mint and lemon slices to the lemon and mint. This made them extra flavoursome, however, I did try them without any added garnishes and they were still delicious. I was planning on throwing some strawberries into the mix for the strawberry and elderberry drink, however, I was so thirsty when I got back from Fierce Grace one night I just gulped it down over ice.

What Makes OVIO InFusion Feel-Good Olive Leaf Drinks Special?

The leaves these drinks are made from are from trees 300-600 years old, with some of them over 2000 years of age! The Ancient Egyptians used it for its restorative powers and superior hydration. We always think of green tea as being the antioxidant ruler, but did you know that the plant has more antioxidants than green tea?! Olive leaf is full of flavonoids and detoxifying polyphenols.

I mentioned they are sugar-free already, and for those of you counting calories, there are only 28 calories per bottle. But more than this, apparently the compounds in olive leaf help the body burn fat and energy more efficiently than green tea!

The drinks are 100% organic, Soil Association, Vegan Society, and Vegetarian Society certified. The brainchild of London-based husband and wife Dominic and Susan White, who discovered olive leaf when they moved to Italy 15 years ago. To quote Susan,  “You can taste the sunshine of Italy and the delights of an English summer garden in every sip.”

I’m inclined to agree, one sip and I just wanted to be outside in my garden, so I would scurry through the house and go sit on our patio. Bursting with flavour, I am sure that I will be using these as a little pick-me-up in the winter months

OVIO InFusion Feel-Good Olive Leaf Drinks are available from www.drink-infusion.com RRP £9.54 for 6 bottles, or £1.59 each, but if you buy 10 x 6 bottles they are £8.59 for 6, which works out around £1.23 each – not that bad at all!

Have you tried OVIO InFusion Feel-Good Olive Leaf Drinks? If you’ve whipped up any cocktails or mocktails with them I’d love to hear from you below!