It was a little over a year with you that I first shared with you my Four Sigmatic love, read more here. I still use Reishi and Cordyceps fairly regularly, they’re definitely part of my regimen now. Those who follow on social media will know that we are coffee fans too in our office, so imagine my delight when completely out of the blue a box of Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee showed up. Created with chaga and cordyceps mushrooms, and a good medium ­roasted Arabica coffee bean.

The inclusion of mushrooms in coffee may seem a bit of a fad, however they are there for good reason. Cordyceps mushrooms are great for supporting the adrenals, and yes, something as everyday as drinking coffee can put stress on our poor adrenal glands. Chaga mushrooms on the other hand are fabulous for our immune system, so you get a real all-round boost. There’s 500mg of medicinal mushrooms per serving, and half the caffeine of a regular cup of coffee. There is also less acidity, which means no stomach burn.2015-biteable-beauty-four-sigmatic-foods-mushroom-coffee-6

But how does it really taste, I hear you asking?! Well there’s no doubt that it does taste like coffee, but the mushrooms do add a certain depth and complexity to the flavour which I for one really enjoy. A colleague who tried them wasn’t quite so convinced, but rather than opting for the traditional sweetener of sugar, I persuaded them to try coconut oil (“it’s OK”) and honey (“much better”). Personally, as someone who usually takes milk in their coffee, I can handle this one black and unsweetened.

Next on my list to try has to be the Four Sigmatic XOCO hot chocolate ­ red for uplifting chaga and blue for calming reishi. One for the morning and one for the evening, right?! The blue reishi product contains astragalus, cinnamon and cardamom plus, of course, dark chocolate for a rich flavoursome beverage. The red chaga contains guarana and cayenne pepper chilli and chocolate if you’ve not tried it is a fabulous combination!


Have you tried any Four Sigmatic products? I’d love to hear from you what your favourite ones are.