Body lotions and creams can be a necessity for dry skin types to help nurture, repair and smooth, but they can be a nice step in our beauty regimen, pampering both our skin and senses. What most people don’t suspect, though, is that their favourite and beautifully scented body lotion may be laden with harmful chemicals. Here we take a look at why it’s better to choose natural body lotions and creams.

Why Choose Natural Body Lotions and Creams?

When choosing natural body care products, you will naturally be avoiding many ingredients that could be potentially bad for your health. As your body is the biggest surface area you apply products to, and body lotions and creams are the products that you leave on your body, natural body lotions and creams may be the products you choose to switch to first.

DMDM Hydantoin: a type of formaldehyde-releasing preservative, an irritant for eyes and skin, and whilst there’s no evidence that DMDM hydantoin is a carcinogen, the formaldehyde it releases definitely is.

Fragrance and Parfum: unless your product states that the fragrance or parfum contained in it is natural, there may be a whole host of chemicals contained within. Most notably, diethyl phthalate, known to be an endocrine disruptor and toxic to organ systems. Synthetic fragrances also emit harmful volatile organic compounds, which pollute indoor air quality and cause respiratory allergies and asthma.

Parabens: look for butyl-paraben, isobutyl-paraben, methyl-paraben, propyl-paraben, or ethyl-paraben on the label. These are all preservatives that prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus but they have been linked to hormone disruption.

Triethanolamine: a highly alkaline substance used to balance the pH in body lotions, creams and other products. According to the Dermatology Review, it should not be used long-term as it is a skin and respiratory irritant, and toxic to the immune system. It’s also been linked to cancer in animal studies. Though triethanolamine is considered biodegradable and nontoxic to animals and organisms, wastewater releases from manufacturing plants containing large amounts of triethanolamine can significantly alter the pH of rivers and streams, resulting in toxic shock to marine life.

Natural body lotions and creams we recommend:

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SAAF – Organic Super Hydrating Body Balm

GREEN PEOPLE – Lemongrass & Ginger Body Lotion

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Do you use natural body lotions and creams? What’s your all-time favourite product?