We’re all about natural products here at Biteable Beauty and today we’re talking about natural concealers. Read on for more.

Including an effective concealer to your makeup routine can be a great way to even out discolouration, covering the occasional spot on your forehead, keep last sleepless night a secret, and highlight the skin’s complexion. And still, as helpful as this partner in crime may be to enhance the overall look of your skin, it often contains rather unfavourable ingredients like Diazolidinyl Urea.

Added to personal care and makeup products as an antimicrobial preservative and for its skin rehydrating characteristics, the chemical compound is a known irritant found to cause allergies in some people. Moreover, it forms formaldehyde, which may irritate the eyes, nose, and throat, or create respiratory problems. Also, there is some evidence that being exposed to this ingredient regularly can increase the risk of cancer. If this doesn’t make you want to switch out your regular concealer for a natural concealer- I don’t know what will!

A Natural Concealer we love…

The organic Natural Mineral Concealer from ESSENTIAL CARE will help you to start your #BeautyRevolution as it gives Diazolidinyl urea a miss while combining the characteristic of mainstream concealers. Containing organic coconut oil and calendula, it helps to hide any imperfections and at the time calms sensitive skin areas. It’s such a good option for someone looking to clean up their beauty routine and looking for a natural concealer. Hop over to our blog to read our review.


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