We’re always interested in the ingredients in our makeup products. This has led us to look into our eyeshadow stash. Why are we choosing natural eyeshadows?

Playing around with eyeshadows is a great way to create different makeup looks. Browns for day or darker shades for night? The range of eyeshadow colours on the market enables you to reinvent your look over and over again. And yet, as fun as getting creative with eyeshadows is, did you know that most contain Aluminium Powder?

The finely-grounded metal powder is used as a colourant in makeup, including nail varnish, mascaras, eye and brow liners, and eyeshadows. Due to the size of these tiny nano-particles, the powder is able to be absorbed by the skin, which in turn function as a gateway straight to our circulatory and metabolic system. All of this may cause reactions culminating in serious health issues, as the powder is linked to neurotoxicity, respiratory problems like asthma and bronchitis asthma, cancer, and is thought to trigger dementia[1]. We’ll be choosing natural and organic eyeshadows from here on out- thank you!

One of our favourite natural eyeshadows…

Providing a beautiful range, GREEN PEOPLE offers a safe alternative to aluminium powder-containing eyeshadows. Inspired by nature’s colour wheel, the brand offers natural eyeshadows in mini-palettes containing combinations for day and night. Watch Rebecca model our Biteable Beauty Wedding Makeup featuring the Green People Eco Eye Trio in Plum.

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