A skincare product that can make a big difference in the way your skin feels and looks is the exfoliator. Giving your skin a gentle scrub every now and then (though not too often, please!) can help remove dead skin cells and refresh the skin’s overall appearance.

What most people don’t know, however, is that most mainstream brands’ exfoliators you can grab at your local beauty supplier are rather harsh to your skin and may even hurt it. A wide range of exfoliators and facial scrubs contain small sharp-edged particles that can cut up your skin. In fact, you don’t feel or see the cuts caused by your exfoliator, as they are microscopic. However, they are still big enough to allow for the barrier of the skin to let in a lot of harmful bacteria. This in turn may cause irritation resulting in redness and clogged up pores. Based on this, some people tend to get acne and blemishes more often.

Equally alarming: Most mainstream facial scrubs and exfoliators contain so-called microbeads, tiny plastic beads that are mixed into physical peeling products as inexpensive means to get quick peeling results. Often as harsh as the abovementioned sharp-edged particles, microbeads may not only damage the skin. Their use is also very questionable with regard to the environment and its pollution, as they seep into the ground water and thereby find their way into the oceans.

In May 2014, New York actually called for a ban on microbeads because they are causing damage to sea life. Read more about it here. Fortunately, this problem has prompted beauty companies to stop making facial scrubs and exfoliators with microbeads in them. However, there is still a majority of exfoliating products on the market which contain the tiny but dangerous plastic beads.

As a natural pioneer, JASON offers a great alternative to the popular facial scrubs on the market. Its Brightening Apricot Scrubble exfoliates the skin without being dependent on sharp and plastic particles. Instead, refined walnut powder does a convincing peeling job and helps leaving your skin looking radiant and refreshed. Read our review of it here and also check out the other fantastic natural exfoliators we tried:

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