OK, so….. I’ve been pretty slack at getting these posts up, seeing as how Natural & Organic Products Europe took place in April! I’m afraid to say most of the food haul has been eaten! However, there was so much good quality produce to trial, review and taste, it has taken me this long to get through it all. And even then I’ve still not quite tried everything! This was without a doubt the best Natural & Organic Products Europe ever, in terms of the number of brands exhibiting (not to mention their calibre), visitors and just the general vibe. There was definitely a buzz!

Natural & Organic Products Europe Show – Health & Food Haul

1. Superfruit – a Scandinavian company that offers 100% natural antioxidant-rich products and supplements from fruits, berries and plants.

Organic Greens

Organic Protein

These products are both incredibly pure! They dissolve well and taste OK. It’s difficult as I’ve been spoilt with my greens and am used to them having a natural sweetener. Apple juice helps, as does mixing into your own flavoursome smoothie. With water and by themselves they are a bit bitter for my palette!

2.  LOOV – a Norwegian company founded by two friends in 2008, their mission is to provide you with health supporting organic products through conscious product development, responsible production and marketing. We wish to contribute to the support of rural life and the development of a clean planet.

Tomato Raw Food Snacks – I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure about the look of these. But I did give them a go in the end and they were alright! Not the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten, but definitely not the worst. Also, it probably doesn’t help that I’m not the biggest fan of tomato crisps.

Organic Wild Blueberry Powder – it took me a while to get into using this, but now I have I am using it in a multitude of ways. I’ve added it to my yoghurt, smoothies, slippery elm, and even to my Ambronite. I think Ambronite has too much of its own particular flavour for the taste of the Wild Blueberry powder to stand up, but it does work very well in all the other aforementioned uses. I’m also planning on utilising it in the baking of some muffins, waffles and cakes very soon – watch this space!

3.   Savina Atai Futuristic Superfoods – I LOVE the branding and packaging design of these products, so bright and cute! Parrots, kingfishers and other birds and beautiful floral designs adorn the packaging. Founded by two ladies, Savina and Ariana, this unique line is created based on the knowledge of ancient healing systems, together with the most advanced discoveries of anti-aging medicine, the traditional Chinese medicine theory of the five elements, the meridian biorhythm clock of internal organs, researches of ‘Over-the-edge’ doctors, and the balance of the ten metabolic hormones.

Burn Out Reset – despite looking a bit strange – large parts of undissolved mixture, this was absolutely delicious in milk. As I was describing it the other day, those large bits go soft and squidgy and it tastes like cereal at the end of the bowl. It has a chocolate and strawberry flavour, and for this reason, the cereal it reminded me of was Special K Red Berries!

Beauty Effects – smells incredibly cinnamon-ny, like Christmas, and like the Burn Out Reset there are large pieces of undissolved sour cherry just bursting with flavour! I think this weekend I will try the pudding suggestion on the packet, as so far I have only mixed in milk and a smoothie. Having read the ingredients list there are some of my favourite ingredients inside – cordyceps, MSM and sea buckthorn!

4.  TreeVitalise – organic birch waters are 100% natural and unsweetened. With each of them, you get nature’s own blend of micronutrients, brewed inside a tree!

I tried Original Birch Water and Mint Infusion Birch Water. Lemon Infusion also available

Whenever I look at these bottles now I think of summer in the garden, for that’s where I enjoyed them most. At the end of a long day, usually after a sweaty Fierce Grace hot yoga session, and occasionally accompanied by a barbeque, if I was really lucky. The birch water on its own did not taste of all that much, however, the mint infusion was incredibly refreshing. I will at some point get round to buying the lemon one and giving it a try.

5.   Crio Bru  

Cavalla Cocoa from the Ivory Coast

Now, this is not the first time I’ve savoured the delicious Crio Bru cocoa, no. We did a lot of taste tests and even toiled with the idea of importing our own raw cacao instant drink. I swear we still have bags and bags of cocoa beans somewhere that need roasting. I love a good cup of this cocoa every now and then! What a delicious treat for this food haul!

6.  Sukrin Chia & Hemp Vegan Free-From Mix  is a low-carb bread mix. Free-From gluten, egg, sugar, wheat, yeast, dairy and soya. I’ll be honest, I’ve not tried this yet, but perhaps I’ll get round to giving this a whirl on the weekend. We’ve got a new oven now which is better for baking, so let’s see what I can create!

7.    Mani Blauel

Olive Oil  & Olives – oh my gosh, these olives were to die for. They were so tasty. Not too bitter, not too salty, not too sweet, the perfect balance of everything. Forget Taste the Difference, with these you really could taste the difference. Ditto for the olive oil, but we are quite spoilt with olive oil as our friend makes her own and delivers a large vat of it annually.

Tomato Spread – again, I’ve not tried this yet, but perhaps I’ll spread it on that Sukrin loaf of bread I make at the weekend!


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