Those following a Vegan or Vegetarian diet and lifestyle- be sure you avert your eyes- this post may not be for you.

This post is something I’ve been building up to for a long time. It’s a subject that, as a former vegetarian (pescetarian actually – I couldn’t do full-on vegetarianism), I am not sure how well it will be received, but I couldn’t ignore the growing collection of animal-derived products in my beauty cabinet.

I’m not going to preach to anybody about what they should and shouldn’t eat, I’m not a nutritionist despite having a strong interest in the subject, but I will say I don’t think a vegetarian or vegan diet suits everybody. Those without a deep knowledge of nutrition can really do themselves some permanent damage in the long term. Anyone not sure if their no meat diet is suiting them, or thinking about becoming a vegetarian or vegan, I highly recommend you read up well and take a look at this video called Minding Your Mitochondria, a TEDtalk Dr Terry Wahls, who cured her MS with diet. Anyway, I digress; diet, meat and sustainability (if you’re interested in this read Farmageddon) –  is a post for another time!

It’s important to point out that these products are all by/co-products of the meat and dairy industry. These animals are being farmed for consumption, in the case of emus and crocodiles, and for dairy farming in the case of the cows. I haven’t eaten emu, but I have tried ostrich and I imagine it’s a similar beast in taste. I did eat crocodile carpaccio and a crocodile curry before, both of which were delicious!

The first animal product on my list is Emu Balm. We’ve been using Emu Oil for a long time in our house, but I picked up this Emu Balm at CAM Expo a couple of years ago. In Australia, the Aborigines used Emu Oil to soothe stiff joints and sore muscles, and today in Australia Emu Oil is actually a registered pharmaceutical substance! Recent research has found that Emu Oil helps with stiffness and pain when massaged into the affected area, and many people use it to ease symptoms of arthritis. Personally, I have been using my Emu Balm to massage away aches and pains (usually post-softball) but as I was researching this post I learnt that some people swear by Emu Oil to limber up joints prior to exercise, so I will have to give this ago before my next Fierce Grace class!


Next up, Crocodile Balm. Now, I got slightly confused when I Googled Kwena as top of the first page was a place called Kwena Gardens, a crocodile sanctuary. I have since learnt that Kwena is the Sotho-Tswana name for crocodile in Southern Africa. The brand named their product after the crocodile as “a mark of respect for the wondrous healing properties of Nile crocodile oil and its vast use over the centuries to treat a number of skin conditions.” Crocodile Oil is concentrated in Omega 3-6-9, possesses powerful antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Crocodile Balm can be used for a variety of skin and body ailments including dry skin, anti-ageing (reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles), stretch marks, blemishes, pigmentation, acne, burns, cuts, sunburn, blisters, irritation, eczema, insect bites, razor burn, dandruff, psoriasis and aches and pains! And more, I am sure! It’s also pet-friendly. Kwena offer Crocodile Balm with Lavender or Tea Tree Essential Oils, the former for skin irritations and the second for times when an antibacterial or anti-fungal product is required.

2015-biteable-beauty-nsfv-animal-extract-beauty-therapeutic-products-natural-organic-beauty-blog-3 2015_biteable_beauty_not_safe_for_vegans_animal_beauty

Repcillin Crocodile Balm High Concentrate contains anti-bacterial Beeswax, hydrating Coconut Oil, anti-ageing Grapeseed Extract and moisturising Sunflower Seed Oil – all great ingredients for skin.

Last but not least, The Cream. I love the logo of this product, I think it’s so clever (or maybe I’m a bit simple?) how “cream” is written upside down but you can still read it! The cream contains Colostrum, obtained from New Zealand grass-fed cows, which is apparently 200 times stronger than human Colostrum. It is dried at low temperatures which means the potency is not lost whilst processing. It is ethically sourced, with only oversupply from the mother cows being collected via ethical processes. Not heard about Colostrum? Well, it’s the most powerful, cell building and all natural ingredient known, produced by all female mammals for around 72 hours after giving birth to help give their offspring’s immunity a boost. Active ingredients in Colostrum have been shown to limit the deterioration of cells through the ageing process, and assist with cell growth and regeneration.


As well as being 75% Colostrum (100% Natural 0% Bull – love it!) the Cream  contains hydrating Coconut Oil, soothing Aloe Vera, important skin compound MSM, antioxidant Vitamin E, moisturising Sea Meadowfoam, brightening Apricot Oil, EFA-rich Hemp Seed Oil, purifying Bentonite Clay, powerful antioxidant-rich Blueberry Seed Oil, anti-bacterial/fungal/microbial Colloidal Silver, healing and astringent Zinc Oxide, and the cream is fragranced with Organic Peel and Vanilla Essential Oils.

So while these products are not for someone following a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, they may prove to be beneficial to others. Have you tried any of these products?