I drink a lot of spring water. Always have done, and now I’m practising Fierce Grace hot yoga several times a week I am drinking even more! I was recently sent a couple of new drinks brands, one being Ovio Infusion Feel Good Olive Leaf Drinks, and Nuva.

Nuva was founded by Gemma Pond and Christine Renier. Gemma has a strong interest in healthy lifestyle and was shocked by the amount of sugar, sweeteners and preservatives that go into our drinks, even healthier options. Christine worked on developing the Evian brand for a good portion of her career. Together they are aiming to bridge the gap between plain water, perceived by many as boring, and flavoured waters, which often are not very healthy at all.

There are three flavours available, and it is hard for me to pick a favourite!

Nu Va Spring Water with a Kiss of Ginger & Lemon

I have gotten into having lemon in most of my water drinks, and sometimes ginger too! So to have this as a drink for on the go is great. I souped mine up even more and added my own lemon and ginger, but I can tell you the taste without is great too.


Nu Va Spring Water with a Kiss of Cucumber & Mint

I love cucumber water. We juice them fairly regularly and although they don’t taste of all that much, they do taste good. And mint is just so refreshing in drinks. Again, I souped mine up with my own cucumber and mint, but the flavour of the water on its own was still instant refreshment.


Nu Va Spring Water with a Kiss of Melon & Jasmine

This one felt like a treat, it tasted like bubblegum! For this reason, it is my favourite and will probably prove a hit with the sweet-toothed ones. I didn’t soup this one up, I have grand plans to but I got back from Fierce Grace really thirsty one night and just had to drink it straight up over ice!

Have you tried these Nuva drinks? Which one is your favourite?