I’ve recently been putting Natracare’s cleansing wipes (an organic beauty alternative) to the test. I took a pack of them with me to Glastonbury, and they were highly effective. But more about those later. Natracare offer the best quality natural and organic feminine hygiene products. Made from certified organic cotton, unbleached and free from chlorine and plastic, and completely biodegradable. Products bleached with chlorine can pollute our ecosystem with dioxins, toxic chemicals, and inorganic cotton is heavily sprayed with pesticides.

One concern with using inorganic cotton tampons is Toxic Shock Syndrome.  A study by Dr. Tierno at the New York University Medical School[1] has shown that the bacterium which causes Toxic Shock Syndrome did not produce toxins in the presence of 100% cotton tampons. Toxic Shock Syndrome has been linked to the use of tampons containing synthetic ingredients, look out for these in products labelled “super absorbent” as they likely are not organic beauty products. This study tested out 20 tampon varieties, including Natracare, and concluded that Natracare, the all-organic cotton tampon, did not product the dangerous toxins which cause Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Personally, I use a Mooncup (more on this subject coming soon!) but if you must insist on using tampons ladies I urge you to look towards at least the 100% cotton version of the product.

Face Wipes- Organic Beauty

Now, back to the face wipes, which are certified organic beauty and all ingredients are derived from completely natural, renewable and sustainable resources, as well as being biodegradable and compostable. These facial cleansing wipes feature incredibly nourishing oils of almond, apricot and chamomile, and the formula is so effective that these wipes can remove even waterproof mascara and lipstick


As well as being formulated with sensitive skins in mind, the wipes are also dermatologically and opthalmologically tested. Which is great for me, as occasionally my eyes get very sensitive using makeup wipes.


[1] P.M. Tierno Jnr, B.A. Hanna, Propensity of Tampons and Barrier Contraceptives to Amplify Staphylococcus Aureus Toxic Shock Syndrome Toxin. Journal of Infectious Diseases in Obstetrics and Gynaecology 2, 140-145 (1994).