We’re always on the hunt for the best organic products out there, today we’ll be talking about natural, mineral and organic eyeliners.

Accentuating the lower waterline, tight lining the upper lash line, drawing on a sultry cat eye or a beauty mark over the upper lip – the possibilities of using eyeliners seem endless. In fact, this product is famous with many makeup fans all around the world (and has even a long history dating back to Ancient Egypt!), as it easily completes your makeup, makes your eye colour pop, or gives your eyes a whole new expression. However, most eyeliner products on the market contain ingredients which might make you want to think twice before applying them to your face. This is why it is essential to keep an eye out for natural, mineral and organic eyeliners and other makeup products.

Hidden in a variety of mainstream makeup products, such as lipstick, foundation, mascara, and eyeliner, lies Arsenic, a semi-metal element. And here’s what’s tricky about this ingredient: Technically, the semi-metal is not added to beauty products as an ingredient, which is why you won’t find arsenic listed on any of your makeup products. Rather, arsenic is an impurity, often sneaking its way into products via minerals used as pigments. (As the latter is often used in natural makeup products, one should take note that arsenic might be found in them, too!)

Arsenic has been found to reduce the body’s cellular system’s ability to function properly. This disturbance can, in turn, lead to a variety of ailments, including vascular disease or heart and liver dysfunction. Also, the semi-metal has been linked to causing cancer.

Yes, it can be tricky navigating the minefield of natural, organic and mineral makeup. To be sure that you are buying a quality product ensure that you look for a reputable brand of makeup, certified organic where possible. And if you’re thinking “sounds expensive” be prepared for reality to hit. There are alternative brands out there that don’t cost a lot!

Here are some of our recommendations for natural, mineral and organic eyeliners:

Benecos offer an eyeliner which you can find online at just £3.95 from Big Green Smile (it’s cheaper on some other websites but then they make up for it with extortionate international shipping costs! I have recently been trialling their liquid eyeliner and I love it!

There’s also cruelty-free ranges Pacifica, whose eye lining gel is loved by pretty much all my MUA friends and Logona, who offer safe, vegan makeup at pocket-friendly prices.

If money is not so much of an issue, may I recommend The Organic Pharmacy, Dr Hauschka and Vapour Organic Beauty, see what they have on offer for organic eyeliner.

As a natural alternative to mainstream eyeliners, we tried JANE IREDALE’s Liquid Eye Liner and loved it! Read more about it in our Classic Makeup Look blog post.


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