Using a foundation that suits your skin tone perfectly can not only hide any imperfections you may feel insecure about, it can also flatter your complexion and complete a full-face makeup routine. As you usually leave the product on your skin all day long, we suggest assuring yourself that your favourite foundation doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients and is an organic foundation.

One ingredient that should be avoided by all means is Propylparaben. We’ve already touched upon this topic in our blog posts about serums, read about it here. A member of the group of parabens, the synthetic preservative is found in liquid cosmetic products, including foundation. Research has found that the chemical is a so-called endocrine disruptor, meaning that it may interfere with hormonal balances and thereby affect all of our cellular biological processes. A 2004 study revealed that parabens are under suspicion to be linked to breast cancer, as they can travel through the cellular system – and stay there being absorbed by the skin and retained in the breast tissue.

Good Options for an Organic Foundation

As a natural alternative to paraben-laden foundation brands, we gave recently tried Dr Hauschka’s Liquid Foundation and loved it, but for those a bit more budget-conscious Benecos Natural Creamy Makeup is also a good option. Apart from containing a selection of natural and organic ingredients that will leave the skin glowing, smooth, and happy, these liquid foundations further help with moisturising the skin and concealing blemishes.

Do you have a favourite organic foundation?


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