In any season, moisturising your skin is an important step of your skincare routine. Good organic moisturisers will help to soothe dry and irritated skin and restore its much-needed moisture. People with dry skin types will know that the feeling of flaky skin can make you feel very uncomfortable, as dry skin is often accompanied by itchiness and a feeling of tension.

Even though drugstore shelves are packed with a vast variety of organic moisturisers for face and body to choose from, some of us seem to struggle to find ‘the right’ product. Hence, when being on the search for your favourite moisturiser, or even if you’ve already found your Holy Moisturising Grail, checking the list of ingredients will help to decide in favour of –or maybe even against–  a product.

An ingredient used in most mainstream moisturisers is Phenol Carbolic Acid. Made from coal tar, the aromatic organic compound finds its use in industrial processes to produce plastic. In addition, it often appears as a questionable ingredient in personal care products, such as lotions, creams, or sunscreens, where it is used to prevent microorganisms from growing.

Besides being a known skin irritant, the chemical is further found to cause a range of health issues and even life-threatening conditions, including circulatory collapse, liver and kidney toxicity, paralysis, convulsions, and coma. This is why we recommend using organic moisturisers.

With its Age-Defying Facial Moisturiser, FOM LONDON offers a natural facial moisturiser, which is free from harmful and questionable ingredients. It combines carefully selected ingredients with anti-ageing and moisturising properties, and represents a great product to nourish your facial skin. Read our honest review on our blog.

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