Dr Bronner All-One Toothpaste Organic Credentials

Dr Bronner’s Toothpastes are certified organic by two bodies. One which we are familiar with in the UK, the USDA – the United States Department of Agriculture – the same body that certifies food in the USA. On the toothpaste, the logo displayed is OTCO – Oregon Tilth Certified Organic, a body that has been a leader in the formation of the USDA National Organic Program and expanding organic sustainability into areas other than foods, including textiles and toiletries. Dr Bronner’s Toothpastes contain 70% organic ingredients.

Rebecca’s review

I am a huge fan of Dr Bronner’s liquid soaps, so of course, I was keen to try the toothpastes. I actually first tried the cinnamon one back in April last year, one of the first tubes to make it onto UK soil!  My initial feedback was, “I quite like using this toothpaste but something funny happens when using it. There are “bits” in the formula (for want of a more technical term!)” Dr Bronner’s worked on the formula and when the product launched, there were no bits!

I do like the toothpastes, but I must admit my mouth doesn’t seem to feel as clean all day long as it does when I use other toothpastes. I would also like the flavours to be a bit stronger. I love the retro-chic packaging, very apothecary and it looks great in the bathroom! It’s the organic alternative to Marvis, an Italian lifestyle toothpaste, who also offer cinnamon and licorice flavours, only theirs are stronger in flavour.  But, then again they also contain some ingredients I wouldn’t put in my mouth any more!

Eline’s Review

I was a bit reluctant to try these Dr Bronner toothpastes, because I’d never used an organic toothpaste before. Also, anise and cinnamon aren’t your usual toothpaste flavours, so before even trying them I was already convinced that I wasn’t going to like them. But boy, how wrong was I!
The Anise All-One Toothpaste smells of liquorice, which I don’t like that much, but it’s not too overpowering so that didn’t hold me back. When I started brushing my teeth I was immediately surprised by the lack of foam. And however odd that may seem, I didn’t bother me at all. I also kept thinking: “This would be a great toothpaste for when you go camping and can’t properly brush your teeth with a toothbrush.” You could just use your finger and with just one rinse all the toothpaste is gone. This might not sound very appealing and before you start thinking of me as a cave-dweller, I don’t go camping at all, ever. I obviously used a toothbrush, but it was just a funny thought I had.
These Dr Bronner toothpastes are genuinely very effective. My teeth felt very clean and my breath was so fresh. The cinnamon-flavoured toothpaste was also so fun to use because of the smell! It reminded me of those dutch cinnamon pillows, which are just the best sweets on earth.

Katria’s Review

Exactly like Eline, I was a little bit apprehensive to try the Dr Bronner toothpastes because I had never used organic toothpaste before. Both the Anise and Cinnamon toothpastes smell extremely strong, and I was worried that each product would taste as strong as their fragrance. The lack of foam also surprised me. My teeth didn’t feel particularly clean after brushing with Dr Bronner, but that’s probably because I’m used to normal drug store toothpastes that use harsher ingredients.
I especially liked the flavour and smell of the cinnamon toothpaste, it was as if I were surrounded by gingerbread men, whilst also eating them. Anise, however, is something that I’ve never been fond of so I couldn’t say that I would use that flavour again. I was pleasantly surprised by how cheap the product is too. Of course, it’s not as cheap as your normal everyday toothpaste, but if you want something that tastes ah-mazing and uses no harsh chemicals then Dr Bronner’s toothpastes may become your new favourite thing to use!