Badger Aromatherapy Balms Organic Credentials

Badger products are all USDA certified organic, which means the formulas have to be at least 95% organic.

Rebecca’s Review

“These aromatherapy balms are such a big trend; I love the Scentered ones, Yogandha and now Badger balms too! I keep the Cheerful Mind Balm on my desk, saving the brightening combination of sweet orange and spearmint for days when I’m feeling a bit stressed and worn down. The Yoga & Meditation Balm is in my kit bag, and probably my favourite; the combination of sandalwood, frankincense and myrrh is right up my street. The Tension Soother is great for relieving stress headaches; again I love the spearmint in this balm, it’s so refreshing and uplifting. I’ve also put the Focus Balm to good use in times when I’ve experienced writer’s block or simply not been able to knuckle down and “just get on with it”. The cardamom of the latter has a real warming effect on the soul.”

Eline’s Review

“I would love to love these Badger aromatherapy balms because they look great and so cute, but sadly they don’t seem to do anything for me. The balms do smell great though, especially the one with tangerine and rosemary.
I wouldn’t buy them for myself, but these balms would make lovely gifts for when you’re looking for something a bit more original and practical. One of my cousins is about to start her medical degree and I think she could really use the Tension Soother balm during exam time!

Katria’s Review

“I love Badger products. When I was a lot younger my Mother took me to a health food shop and purchased the Lavender & Orange Lip Balm from the Badger range, as a gift for me. The smell was so strong and significant I still remember it to this day. I was super excited to try these Aromatherapy balms and wasn’t disappointed. I love the fragrance of both these products, especially the focus balm stick. Although these products suggest that the help with Tension and Focus, I just found that I adored the smell more than anything, and wish that the scent would last a lot longer.”

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