Here are my natural & organic hair care loves from October.


I’ll admit it. I’ve been a little superficial and avoided a couple of products on my beauty shelves because of how they looked. Having now cracked them open I can’t believe I didn’t try them sooner.

The products in question are from Maple Holistics, an American cruelty-free natural hair care brand. I tried their Argan Special Formula Shampoo and Silk 18 Conditioner and was really impressed with the quality.

They left my hair super manageable and smelling delicious. The Maple Holistics Special Formula Shampoo has a honey and vanilla scent, and also contains a blend of argan, jojoba, almond, peach kernel, camellia seed and avocado oils (yes, it could be a skincare ingredients list!) and phyto-keratin to help nourish and strengthen hair.

With all those oils in a shampoo and none of the chemical ingredients  SLS, I was concerned that perhaps the product wouldn’t rinse away as well as it should however I had no reason to be. There was no residue left whatsoever.

The Maple Holistics Silk 18 Conditioner has a rich and sweet vanilla fragrance, and contains a blend of 18 silk amino acids along with a blend of pomegranate, hibiscus, green tea and sea buckthorn extracts, argan oil, jojoba oil and shea butter (again, it could be a skincare ingredients list!)

Like the shampoo, I was concerned looking at the ingredients list (shea butter I’m looking at you!) that perhaps there might be residue left behind however I had no reason to worry. My hair was soft and weightless.

To amplify the effects of these intensely moisturising hair care products, I’ve also been using Giovanni 2Chic Avocado & Olive Oil Ultra Moist Leave-In Conditioning & Styling Elixir. I have put a few friends onto this product recently and one even took great pleasure in sharing how soft this product had made the ends of her hair, making me feel their silkiness!

I apply this after I’ve had my hair wrapped in a towel for at least ten minutes then comb through. After this, I’ll either blow dry (if I’m hairwashing in the morning) or plait (an evening activity) so that I wake up with a nice wave to my hair.

Once a week, I treat my hair to either a hair oil or mask. I still love using Spiezia Organics Head & Hair Oil. It has an apricot kernel oil base and then herbal ingredients of rosemary, thyme, nettle and burdock root. This product has jojoba and olive oil to help rebalance any scalm issues and can be used as a treatment before shampooing or a conditioner after shampooing to help treat any scalp irritation. Spiezia Organics are a 100% organic brand of not just hair care but body and skin products too.

What are you favourite natural or organic hair care products? Share them in the comments below x