The weather’s changing and so I decided to add a new product into my lifestyle, Royal Jelly, a bee product that can help with allergies and all those pollen-y things that are flying around the atmosphere right now.

This is the first time I have ever taken royal jelly as a supplement. With I have used bee products before, my only previous experience of royal jelly was some bath products my Granny gave to me one Christmas years ago. I’m a big fan of propolis (Unbeelievable Health’s Bee Prepared is a product I take always, and I always recommend to friends and family) and also taken to adding bee products to my smoothies or yoghurt of late!

Arkopharma’s Organic Royal Jelly supplement contains 1500mg of organic royal jelly which in turn contains at least 1.4% hydroxy-2-decanoic acid, the magical bee product ingredient

Royal jelly is considered by many as an all-round health tonic, with reports of helping balance hormones, aid a better night’s sleep and improving both energy levels and recovery time, royal jelly has more strings to its bow than meets the eye.  

But perhaps royal jelly is best known for its immuno-modulating properties, which is why come this time of year many people supplement their diet with a course, or ongoing treatment, of royal jelly. Studies in mice have shown than autoimmunity is increased when they take royal jelly (poor mice though!) and many individuals claim the supplement helps give their immune systems a boost when they take it.

I’ll admit, I’ve only taken one of my vials of Arkopharma’s Organic Royal Jelly so far so that I could see what it tasted like before I went on holiday and wrote up this blog! I’m not going to say “I felt amazing after taking it” because to be honest I am feeling pretty good at the moment anyway, and besides after one dose you will not feel any different.

What I will say are a few good reasons why you might want to consider royal jelly (or other bee products) to help boost your immunity –

  1. Royal jelly is 13% protein by weight, and consumption of protein is important for a healthy immune system.
  2. Royal jelly is also very high in fatty acids, particularly hydroxy acids, which are also necessary for a healthy immune system. It contains a very special hydroxy acid, an active ingredient called 10-HDA. This helps boost the immune system.
  3. Royal jelly is high in acetylcholine and globulin. Globulin is very important for boosting the immune system. There is no other good source of globulin in nutrition, other than royal jelly. If your immune system is low, royal jelly will gradually boost it.
  4. Royal jelly is the top source of pantothenic acid, bar none. Pantothenic acid is crucial for stimulating the production of immunoglobulins, the proteins that the white blood cells produce to protect us against viruses, bacteria and fungus.

Back to my experience! You add the liquid in the vial to water, after mixing well (give it a shake!) and drink. The liquid itself is sweet like honey (unsurprising really!) and makes a lovely tonic to take first thing in the morning. Now as I’ve said I only tried one, but I found the vial a little difficult to crack open. I believe I was following the instructions, diagrammed on the side of the vial, but it was very difficult and I spilt some of the royal jelly. Perhaps I was reading the diagrams incorrectly, but when I get home I’ll have 9 more vials to practice on and share with you my perfect technique!