We use it to lather our hands and body every single day, so naturally, soaps have been on our mind. natural hand and body soaps, specifically.

Did you know? A short history on natural soaps.

Washing materials have already been around since the third millennium BC in Babylon, where they were made using only water, cassia oil and alkali. Nowadays, however, there doesn’t seem much left of the simplicity of former ‘bar’ formulas. Instead, the beauty industry enriches these products with a variety of more or less valuable ingredients, amongst which there are some we recommend avoiding. We recommend going back to the basics with natural soaps made from quality ingredients.

A modern-day ingredient found in many mainstream soap bars is the tongue twister Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate. It is added to preserve many alkaline everyday personal care products, including shampoos, lotions, and body (and household!) cleansing products. Belonging to the group of formaldehyde releasers, the chemical is a known allergen and toxicant[1].

Based on this, we encourage you to look for natural soaps.

Here are our favourites of the moment :

JASON – Softening Mango Liquid Soap

QUEEN OF ALEPPO – Aleppo Soaps

DR BRONNER – Magic Liquid Soaps

ECOSAPIA – Eucalyptus Liquid Soap


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