SpaSeekers Look No Further!

You might have fathomed from some of the recent posts that work-life has been a little bit tough recently. Thankfully I am blessed with a wonderful home-life, the body and means to practise yoga regularly, and highly supportive and generous parents who break up our relentless London life with absolutely amazing holidays! Well, when Sammy got in touch on behalf of SpaSeekers it was at the forte of a, particularly s*!t time.

Upon reading the email subject “We Invite you to join them for a Twilight Blogger Spa Evening”  my eyes lit up and I  promptly opened the email and RSVPed. And so it was a week later I headed down to Battersea Crown Plaza Spa. I hadn’t paid much attention to where the spa was; not really that convenient for me but I made my way there anyhow, grateful for a bit of “me-time”. You can read more about the SpaSeekers event here.

I arrived and after changing into my robe and slippers was greeted with a glass of prosecco; just as any spa experience should begin in my opinion. I then introduced myself to Lauren from Naked Fashions and Melissa from Melissa’s Wardrobe, who would be my spa companions for the evening. I later realised that Zoe Newlove was there as well, but we didn’t get to meet, which is a shame because we have worked together with me wearing my PR hat!


I completed my consultation form and enjoyed most of my glass of prosecco, then it was time for my massage. Given the choice of a manicure, pedicure or massage, I will always go for a massage – the other two I can do very well by myself at home, a massage is more specialist. Never mind that my body was also screaming out “stresssssssssssss”!


Unfortunately, so stressed was my body that it was rigid and even by the end of my mini massage I could still feel the tension. To get those knots out and release the pressure would have taken at least 90 minutes, maybe even 2 hours! No discredit to my masseuse, she was fabulous and did her best to work with a back as stiff as a board, and there was some improvement.

Next, at this SpaSeekers event I retreated back to our chill-out area for a little more liquid relaxation, before paying the reception a visit. I had forgotten my swimwear, but the team at the spa very kindly offered me a Speedo suit at a reduced rate so that I might experience the fabulous spa facilities. There’s a 10m hydro pool with a very interesting setup; metal seats that wouldn’t look out of place in a cafe and a long seat/bench made out of metal tubes with buttons that start jacuzzi bubbles. The one thing I would say is that the hydro pool could be slightly warmer. Whilst the water is tepid enough to enter without squealing, the experience would be even more enjoyable a few degrees warmer.   The sauna, steam room and solarium were all decked out to top spec, and the heat warmed my bones and my soul, leaving me less stressed, calmer and ready to go home for a long deep sleep.

So if you’ve had a s*!t day, if you’re due a little “me-time”, or  perhaps you like a regular pampering, check out SpaSeekers.com, where you can find out which spa day or pamper package is best for you, at the best price. There’s even a helpline where you can get good old-fashioned advice from a real person!