We’re all different in so many ways, both physically and mentally. I’m very much of the belief that there is no one ideal diet that fits everyone, and Teagime feels exactly the same way about their teas and teatoxes.

Before you receive your Teagime package you must complete a series of questions online, which addresses your flavour preferences, caffeine requirements, skin condition and even your menstrual cycle (if you’re a lady that is!)

Teagime’s teas are carefully and considerately blended to be gentle enough for long-term use, none of the extreme colon-cleansing effects, which can be at best uncomfortable and at worst unhealthy and painful. Teagime uses 100% natural ingredients with no flavourings, no laxatives, and no nasties. The focus is purely on being healthy.

There are teas for boosting immunity and others made with warming herbs during winter, there are also teas to help with fat burning, weight loss and sleep.


My Teagime package arrived and I was very excited; I’m a tea fiend. I do like a cup of coffee in the morning, and one cup of tea when I get to the office but after that, I try to stick to herbal and green teas.

I loved the one pager I received in the package explaining what the different teas were. My morning time blend was known as Five-Flavour Tea.  It’s a honey red tea with a mix of warming cassia bark and adaptogen Schisandra berry. It’s a naturally sweet tea and definitely helped me to rise and shine in the morning.

My afternoon blend was Potion Number Nine, a blend of honey red tea, hibiscus and rose. Potion Number Nine is designed to curb sugar cravings, and let’s face it who doesn’t experience 4 o’clock cravings when deskbound? Hibiscus helps reduce abdominal fat and rose helps your body clear out toxins, and beautify the skin!

My evening, and my favourite, blend was Chocolate Mint, a naturally sweet treat that helps my mind and body to slow down ready for beddy-byes! Peppermint has been proven to give you more restful sleep, vanilla helps reduce hunger pangs and relieve stress, and cocoa shells help improve mood and control chronic fatigue syndrome.

I must say I was better at taking my teas in the morning and evening, the afternoons were a bit more tricky as I am often out and about and even if I put my pouch of tea in my bag I would still often forget about it!

The Teagime set also comes with tea infusers, but these are made out of silicone – a hybrid of synthetic rubber and synthetic plastic. I try to have no plastic in my life when it comes to food and drink, so I opted to use my metal infuser instead.

The price of Teagime, at £29.99, may be considered expensive by some but once you do the maths (3 cups of tea every day for two weeks – 42 cups- which are artisan blended by hand for your health and wellbeing needs) I don’t think 71p per cup is all that bad. After all, think about how much we pay for our flat white and lattes from the coffee shop!