Coconuts are the most versatile fruit used.

Grown in over 80 countries worldwide, it’s no surprise that the recent popularity and trend of coconut oil and water is still constantly blooming. With the extreme health and beauty benefits of using coconuts in food or on the skin, it’s no wonder that more and more people everyday are reaching for this scrumptious tropical fruit. Everyone’s going coco-nuts!  Here are 4 popular uses:

Coconut Milk

Not to be confused with coconut water, coconut milk is made from grated and pressed brown coconuts. Unlike cow’s milk, coconut milk is lactose free and can be used for those who are lactose intolerant or follow a vegan diet. Coconut milk can make a great base for smoothies, milkshakes or a diary alternative in cooking and baking. Found in many Asian and Indian dishes, coconut milk has the ability to improve heart health by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, provides electrolytes, prevents fatigue, helps prevent anemia and ulcers. There are so many recipes that you can find online and in books that include coconut milk, such as curries, desserts, dips and sauces.

Coconut Water

In India, washing your face with coconut water is a popular clarifying practice said to reduce acne, control oily skin and to moisturise. Coconut water comes from young green coconuts, and is packed with antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, vitamin C and minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium and zinc. Uses and benefits can include: rehydrating the body, promoting weight loss, treating headaches,  improving metabolism, aiding digestion, and reducing bloating. Not only does coconut water have so many health benefits, it tastes great, and many more brands are introducing beverages with coconut water onto the market!

Coconut Oil for Beauty

There are over 100 uses for coconut oil alone. If you’re searching for a natural alternative in cooking or beauty, coconut oil is most likely the answer. Retail prices fluctuate, but purchasing a jar is an extremely inexpensive investment and with the amount it can do, it’s almost a miracle!  You can use coconut oil as a body moisturiser, hair conditioner, for fungal infections, coffee creamer, oil or butter replacement, SPF, deodorant, bath oil, popcorn topper, constipation relief, insect repellent, makeup remover and so much more. Being such an all-rounder means it can reduce the burden on your body when it comes to exposure to chemicals in beauty products.  Health benefits can vary from treating skin infections, eczema, psoriasis, reducing heart disease and protein loss, assisting with weight loss, controlling blood sugar levels, and dental care. The list goes on and on..

Coconut Flour

The latest trend within coconut fans. Coconut flour is grain and gluten-free, is high in fibre, low in sugar, packed with protein, and is one of the healthiest flours available. Coconut flour can be quite difficult to use but there are hundreds and hundreds of recipes and tutorials to assist you whilst you’re getting creative in the kitchen. Switch to coconut flour and make some of your most favoured recipes from pancakes to brownies, bread, cakes and muffins.