When you get an email from someone Axelle Bonaparte land in your inbox, trust me, you open it! The intrigue at the name itself, conjuring up an image of a guitar-wielding historical military character (in my head at least), is enough to get me to click on the message, never mind the subject: The Metamorphic Way. I didn’t know but I was in for learning about the latest Metamorphic Technique.

Axelle grew up in the shadows of the Pyrenees, which Axelle accounts for keeping her in tune with natural, despite the nomadic lifestyle of her military father. She followed her grandmother’s advice of “follow your destiny”, and this saw Axelle leading a busy and fascinating life – travelling extensively, working in the fashion industry, and leading a rich, vibrant and diverse life. Axelle bought her first self-help book in New York, Louise L. Hay’s “Heal your Life”, and saw this as the start of her search for a more balanced life.

Axelle has been using this technique since 2006, became a Metamorphic Technique practitioner in 2007, trained in London with Metamorphic Technique Teacher Dominique Meeroff and later set up “themetamorphicway.com”. In 2009, Axelle received her teacher training with Gaston St Pierre, founder of the Metamorphic Association.

Axelle is a firm believer in destiny like her grandmother, and when we first meet she told me that somehow she knew that I was going through change and needed some Metamorphic Technique when she sent the email to me. She said the Metamorphic Technique had a habit of finding those as they need it. Truth was, I had four significant events to deal with at the end of last year, and I was finding it difficult to process my thoughts and concentrate on day to day life.


But what is the Metamorphic Technique?

It’s a healing technique achieved through stroking and light tapping on the spinal reflex points of the feet, hands and head. It’s incredibly light and gentle, and this activity can help break blocks and debilitating patterns. This action represents the time spent in the womb from conception to birth. and helps our cells release any heavy bags of memory that have attached themselves to us. The Metamorphic Technique practitioner is a catalyst for the release of negative memories and extra emotional baggage.
Metamorphic Technique has been used to treat a wide variety of conditions including – eating disorders, insomnia, addictions, arthritis, chronic fatigue, stress, trauma, difficult pregnancy, anxiety, lack of self-esteem, learning difficulties, difficult behaviour and chronic disabilities. It may also help individuals through transitional phases such as – career changes, moving home, break-ups/divorce, bereavement or simply when stuck, uninspired or lacking energy and purpose.

My Experience

Laying on the couch and being tapped by Axelle, I felt incredibly relaxed, I did fall under a couple of times, I wouldn’t say asleep as I don’t think it is sleeping per se, more deep, deep relaxation, and coming round I felt these huge surges of release. This experience was unlike anything I had felt before. I also saw colours behind my eyes, mostly yellows and reds but a bit of purple at the end. I’ve had this before with other treatments, but never such varied colours. I also felt a resonance and then something loosen inside in my body, and when I explained the sensation to Axelle she told me I was very in tune with myself to feel things on such a level.

There was a real release, and despite Axelle warning that some deep-rooted emotions may let loose, all I felt was lighter post-treatment and a resounding positive tone that everything was going to be alright. It was as though someone had taken all my frustration, sadness and regret, sorted them and then put them away into boxes before discarding them like old belongings to the charity shop. For anyone who has been through colossal life changes, unexpected loss, severe stress or overwhelming feelings, I can highly recommend trying this treatment.

Following on from the this treatment, was the Tsuboki Facial Massage – read more about that here.

Visit www.themetamorphicway.com for more details.

Huge thanks to Axelle Bonaparte for inviting me for treatment.