Whether or not you make a toner part of your daily facial regimen is up to you. Still, using one has many benefits, as it cleanses and balances the ph-value and oiliness of the skin. While adding a toner to your skin care routine may hence be a valuable step, it should be noted that mainstream brands’ toners often contain ingredients that are rather unkind to the skin.

One of the harmful ingredients to look out for in your toning products is Petroleum. Found in many toners, this fossil oil is a known toxin, which may harm not only your skin but your health too. Experts have linked it to an increased risk of cancer as well as being rather unfavourable for a healthy skin care routine. When applied to the skin, a petroleum-containing toner leaves a film on the surface of your skin which gives the deceitful impression of having clean and refreshed skin, while in fact, it clogs your pores. Hence, it’s advisable to generally avoid cosmetics containing petroleum at all costs, for both health and environmental reasons [1].

A great natural toner we tried is, for example, ANTIPODES’ Ananda – Antioxidant-Rich Gentle Toner. We love the New Zealand beauty brand’s toner, not only because it’s enriched with a variety of best quality oils – none of which are petroleum-based, of course. You can read more about it in our review here.

Further reading:
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