Tsuboki points

Tsuboki Massage

After my Metamorphic Technique experience, it was time for the Tsuboki Facial Massage. The word “Tsuboki” is formed from the combination of “Tsubo”, acupressure point and “Ki”, energy in Japanese. Massaging Tsuboki and Acupressure points helps prevent fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness, improve skin and muscle tone and blood circulation, and reduce pore size and acne scars. The facial acupressure points relate to 8 meridians out of the 14 in the body and massaging them helps to move energy all around the body and rebalancing the lymphatic system – draining it and helping with waste removal. Yes, not only is this massage improving your skin, it is helping your body detox! As well as their role in the physical function of the body, each organ has a psychological connection –

large intestine: physical elimination: the ability to let go

stomach: breaks down food: can “hold” too much thinking, worrying and anxiety

small intestine: assimilation: the capacity to make decisions

bladder: purification: being too shy or restless

the triple heater: is the body’s thermostat and protection : social overprotection

Now I’d never heard of the last organ on this list so my curious side typed it into Google immediately. It’s a CTM (Chinese Traditional Medicine) organ which doesn’t have an equivalent in our western system, but you can read more about it here.

Tsuboki points

There are four stages to the facial –

Firstly, a tension-busting and circulation-boosting massage to the neck and shoulders to help repair damaged tissues, flush out toxins and bring nutrients and oxygen to the facial tissue.
Next, a beautiful face massage is carried out using beautiful Camellia Flower Oil. It’s an unscented oil, full of vitamins A, B,C, E and rich in polyphenol antioxidants. Camellia not only improves the appearance of the skin but also helps relax and tone the facial muscles. As someone trying not to carry as much tension in my jawline, I was highly appreciative of this!

Following on, a combination of finger pressure, tapping and stroking to more than 50 tsubos and 8 meridian points, to improve both facial appearance and whole body function.

Finally, lymphatic drainage helps to reduce puffiness and eliminate toxins which have been released during the facial massage and meridian work.

This facial massage was incredible! Stress-relieving, relaxing and my skin looked firmer and glowing afterwards (not that I have particularly saggy or dull skin, but I could see the difference!) Axelle commented that the texture of the skin on my forehead was different to that of the rest of my face, so I should use Camellia Oil on my face to help balance that.
After both treatments – The Metamorphic Technique and Tsuboki Facial Massage, I left the treatment room feeling lighter, calmer than I had in a long time (hardly any anxiety for the first time in months) and almost like all the stress, hurt and upset had been compartmentalised – gone but not forgotten. In the following days, I noticed my concentration was markedly improved, and my mood lighter.

Before my Tsuboki Facial Massage was my Metamorphic Technique treatment – read more about that here.

Visit www.themetamorphicway.com for more details.

Huge thanks to Axelle Bonaparte for inviting me for treatment.