No matter if you prefer to shower in the morning or at night, having a nicely scented and nourishing body wash waiting for you in the shower caddy is always something to look forward to for each pamper session. However, I’d like to draw attention to the fact that most bath products are laden with ingredients you may want to avoid if you are trying to switch to new organic bath products.

One ingredient commonly found in mainstream body wash products like shower gels, creams, or foams, is DMDM Hydantoin, a chemical preservative, which releases formaldehyde – I’ve already written about it here. Apart from the horrifying thought that your favourite shower gel may contain the same ingredient used to preserve dead bodies, thinking about the probable health issues that can be caused by it are equally horrifying: skin and eye irritations, respiratory problems, allergies, and even cancer. You can find a full roundup of ingredients you might want to avoid here.

Organic bath products alternative-wise, I tried the JĀSÖN brand, whose Cranberry Everyday Body Wash left us smelling and feeling fruity. Read about it on our blog.

Other organic bath products we can recommend for starting your #BeautyRevolution in the shower include

BODHI & BIRCH – Bath & Shower Therapy Body Wash  and

NATURE’S GATE – Papaya Velvet Moisture Body Wash

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