This product did the rounds last year, following the trail of the common cold and flu it was treating. From me to Mr BB, to my friend Scarlett to her brother, we all used Neal’s Yard Remedies Elderberry Syrup to help nip it in the bud.

Why choose elderberry to treat your cold/cough/flu/upper respiratory tract infection? Well, the berry offers a powerful dose of vitamin C, quercetin (an antioxidant known as bioflavonoids with antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties) and anthocyanins (another powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties). Elderberry helps to slow the rate of viral infection inhibiting the movement and proliferation of virus cells in the body. A traditional remedy used for centuries, elderberry has also been proven to reduce symptoms of cold and flu illness and to help reduce recovery time!

As regular readers will know, I religiously take Unbeelievable Health Bee Prepared to help keep my immune system chipper, but I do normally fall prey to one bout of cold and flu a year.

Daily Regimen for preventing Cold and Flu

When I did last year, I included Neal’s Yard Remedies Elderberry Syrup in my daily regimen. It was really effective at minimising my sore throat – the inflammation, dryness, and the tickly feeling.

I chose to take mine like a cordial with sparkling water, which was tasty, but you can also drizzle over cereal or porridge, or add to fruit juice if you wish.

The formula is 100% organic, containing glucose derived from corn and beet syrup, 22% elderberries and lemon juice concentrate to act as a preservative.

It was great to see Neal’s Yard Remedies PR girls Jane and Jessica at the Natural Beauty Yearbook launch last week, we worked out it had been two years (maybe more) since we’d last seen each other. Time flies!

I’d like to send a huge congratulations to Neal’s Yard Remedies for winning the Best Branded Store in the Natural Beauty Retailer Awards! Those who have been to any of the Neal’s Yard stores (read about my trip to Neal’s Yard Kings Road for a Frankincense Intense facial here) I am sure will agree the accolade is very well deserved.