I love it when I’ve already fallen for a brand and then when it comes to researching and writing up about them there’s much more to the brand than meets the eye. Today, I’m talking about Yogandha. I first met the founder, Sinéad Duffy, at CAM Expo. We chatted for a while and then when we saw each other again next it was at Natural & Organic Products Europe in April. Sinéad had just picked up an award for her Yogandha ‘Muscle Soothe’ at the Natural Health International Beauty Awards 2016. Having since tried this product, I can see why!

But before I talk more about the products, let’s dive more into the brand. We know the power of aromatherapy, and how these fragrant oils extracted from botanicals can result in an immediate effect on our heart rate, breathing and nervous system. We all recognise the word “yoga” in the brand name, but what about “gandha”? Well, gandha is sanskrit for fragrance and fragrant substances from woods, herbs, plants and resins. Their fragrances have been filling ashrams (Indian temples) and rubbed onto the skin for over four thousand years of yoga practice.

The chosen fragrant ingredients used in all Yogandha blends are picked to enhance the yogic state but can be used at other times to bring us back to that state – quieting the front busy part of our brain, and allowing us to connect with the meditative back part of our brain. All our senses bar the sense of smell pass through the front part of the brain. Smell connects to the back part of our brain, which is why fragrances, or gandha, have always been used in yoga and meditation.

So, whereas I thought the selected gandha for the products were for aromatherapy purposes, which they are, there is also some science and history behind the chosen fragrances! Now onto the products, all 100% natural, hand made in Ireland and vegan, and each come with their own mantra – which I think is cute!

First up, Yogandha Muscle Soothe Body Oil with Ginger & Marjoram.

Mantra: anamaya dhehi (“may my body be nourished”)

This is such a warming oil and smells very green and woody. It’s an instant relaxer. I’ve used after training in the bath, on the body post-bath or shower, for massaging on injuries, period pains, and tired, heavy legs. It’s super, not just for the smell and warming effect but the massage-ability too! It doesn’t absorb too fast nor too slow.

This is a blend of seven oils – Sweet marjoram, Petitgrain, Cedarwood Atlas, Lavender, Ginger, Sweet almond oil and Vitamin E oil. So not only is the blend very aromatic, it’s also incredibly nourishing for the skin.

Now on to the rollerballs, of which there are three; Ground: Sandalwood & Frankincense (for the muladhara (base) chakra), designed to alleviate stress; Balance: Jasmine & Cypress (for the swadisthana (sacral) chakra), ladies this is designed to balance our hormones as well as our emotions (it’s great for PMS!) and Salute: Grapefruit & Bergamot (for the manipura (solar plexus) chakra), which is an uplifting blend that works for jet lag and SAD.

I have been switching which one I use dependent upon my mood for the day. Salute at times when I’m feeling a bit down or stressed and need an uplift in mood and spirit; Balance at times when I’m feeling a bit too busy and need to slow it down; and Ground for those times when my mind is racing and I need it to be more serene in my head.

It’s difficult for me to choose a favourite, but if I had to choose one it would be the Ground. I love sandalwood and frankincense, and it’s blended with myrrh and vetiver, two other fragrance loves of mine!