World Reflexology Week

took place in 2016 from 19th-25th September. Reflex-what? It’s a non-intrusive complementary health therapy, based on the theory that different points on the feet, lower leg, hands, face or ears correspond with different areas of the body. Visit www.aor.org.uk to find your nearest reflexologist! I’ve not had all that many reflexology treatments, but every time I have I always think “I should do this more often”. I was lucky that Ziggie Bergman was one of my nearest reflexologists and that she practises in Triyoga! I can’t believe I’ve never stepped inside Triyoga until my

Zone Face Lift treatment with Ziggie Bergman came up!

I’m now about to give their £40 for 30 days a try after being completely wowed by their studios and the variety of classes available. I have been wanting to try Yin Yoga for a while now, so this is the perfect opportunity.

I’ve sadly had to have a break from my beloved Fierce Grace for a while, but I will be back in a month or so! I was quite badly injured playing softball so took a few weeks off and now there’s an overlap between softball and netball seasons. Somehow I’ve ended up with three nights of netball a week so needless to say my diary is pretty full! It’s our last softball match this week though so I am ready to get back on the yoga mat.

I’d forewarned Ziggie that I had a netball game that very evening, so rather than a relaxing treatment, I was to have an energising treatment. Although I felt rather spacey post-treatment, I did feel lighter and refreshed that evening; like a blockage had been removed.

The Zone Face Lift experience with Ziggie Bergman is something else. For an hour my face, neck and shoulders are treated to facial reflexology and massage developed from a combination of traditional methods and ancient healing techniques from Native American Shamans. Ziggie has spent time in New Mexico, just like Jane Scrivner.

Something quite special happened during both this treatment and my Zone Face Lift; there’s definitely something otherworldly and mystical in the touch of both of these ladies. These experiences make me want to go and learn from Shamans in New Mexico. Throughout Ziggie’s reflexology treatment I experience extremely visual colour trips. My base colour yellow, as Ziggie focuses on the top half of my head, vivid reds and purples appear, and my lower face, neck and shoulders blues and greens dance around my third eye point, whilst my yellow colour base approaches white. The colours mostly correlated to the chakra points of the areas being treated.


During the treatment, as Ziggie massages my vagus nerve, I feel a knot around my stomach literally unfurl. The sensation was so intense it felt like I was trying to sit up!

As I lay there, absorbed in the spectacular colour display that is going on right before my eyes, many memories and upsetting experiences come to the forefront of my mind. Things I’ve not thought about for years and years and years, and now I try to recall them I can think of just one! It was as if those memories were coming to the surface and exiting. “Letting go of all that doesn’t serve you” (a phrase used especially by one of my favourite Fierce Grace teachers) just happened to me on a deeper level.

In my short consultation (after the treatment Ziggie explains that she doesn’t ask too much on the first treatment, and prefers to read people’s bodies), Ziggie asks if I have had whiplash in the past three months which brings up the Addison Lee accident I was in on the way to the Equazen event. Coincidentally, Ziggie had also been in an Addison Lee accident, and we got onto the subject of trauma. When something traumatic happens, we relive the experience again and again and again, playing it over in our mind. If we’re not careful, we can become stuck in these moments, and these moments become stuck in us. Ziggie’s 12-week program is designed to not only take 10 years off your looks but also lift your spirit for life. As Ziggie explains, her program, like the 12 step program, is 90 days long because this is how long it takes to break cycles and make a permanent change.

Post-treatment, Ziggie gives me some feedback. Firstly, she picked up on my sinuses. I had been under the weather all week following a barbeque where I picked up a virus from one of the little rug rats there, and my sinuses have been blocked for several days. For this, Ziggie highly recommends I pick up a turmeric latte at the Triyoga cafe. As I queue to place my order in the cafe after visiting the ladies’, I find Ziggie there has already ordered me one. It was absolutely delicious, and when I get home I find that Ziggie’s massage and the drink really start my sinuses expelling all the mucus contained within.

On the morning of the treatment, I had noticed that my undereye area was considerably darker than usual, and Ziggie took some time to focus on this area of my face, which is connected to my kidneys. She points out that just because an area is highlighting something going on internally, it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong, it just means that organ needs some support; a bit of TLC. For my homework, Ziggie sets me the task of massaging this area under my eyes and above my eyebrows firmly but without pulling the skin, and recommends using organic green tea bags placed over the eye area to help draw out toxins.

On my visit to the ladies, I take a moment to look in the mirror. My skin is glowing and fresh, it looks oxygenated and revived. Both Mr BB and I have noticed a tenseness around my jaw and lips visually, and on bad days I can feel it. The softness to this area had returned and my lips looked less scrunched and puckered, and much more relaxed. The following day, my skin is dewy and my under eye area considerably lighter after just one treatment.

Huge thanks to the highly talented Ziggie Bergman for the Zone Face Lift treatment. I will be back!